Month: March 2013

Youth English Summer School (YESS)

American English has a trusted name for teaching English and communications skills to working professionals. With engaging instructors, we are just as committed to providing quality and fun English learning to young learners.

Celebrating 7 Years of Excellence

The art of appreciation for customers seemingly has become a forgotten art form. Business owners tend to take good customers for granted over time. Companies must think doing a good job is enough. We at American English completely disagree! Compliments are given so rarely, yet there clearly is so much to be thankful for. We are taking the lead to say “Thank you!” as we reach our 7 years doing what we do best.

My Class was Amazing

Over all, I was very satisfied with my teacher EJ Lubid, the location, training rooms and of course the custom modules was a great idea and a huge help specially for a student like me that requires specific area of improvements, my class with Ms. EJ was amazing, it was very informative.

Boosted My Confidence

I’ve learned a lot in American English training. The instructors were good. They were able to explain the differences between Filipino and American English styles.

Instrument in Molding our Dreams

I firmly believe that a person who aims for excellence and who possesses effective and fluent English communication skills holds a bright and successful future.

We Excel in What We Do

To say we are the best training center is no exaggeration. We are confident in this fact not based on what others are doing, but on what we do and how we do it. There are several ways to contextualize success and we base ours on a number of increasing verticals correlated against a series of industry specific standards.

Class was Enjoyable

My AE Saturday class last December was enjoyable. The class became a close-knit group and we would always have lunch together. We also met other students who sat-in during class.

TOEFL Exam Passer

Thank you for teaching me during the review. I already took the TOEFL exam. Got 22 in reading, 29 in listening, 26 in speaking and 24 in writing. Im so happy with the result.