Month: December 2014

A Pinoy’s Better English Communication for Globalization

The Philippines has been regarded as #3 among the largest English-speaking nations, with the US and UK holding the top positions — not bad for a developing country wherein even the uneducated try their best to speak and write English in its most basic form. Media and local tourism play a significant role in keeping them aware of basic terms and expressions, despite the fact that they can sometimes be unsure what they say or write actually means.

3 E’s: English E-mail Etiquette

Technology plays a vital role in almost everything, and that includes communicating with friends, family, colleagues and clients. The Internet makes the communication process faster and more convenient via electronic mail or e-mail, yet a badly-constructed e-mail especially for business purposes can result to a waste of time, negative publicity or worse, a string of lawsuits. For more effective e-mail interactions that serve any given purpose, keep in mind these Do’s and Don’ts:

Holiday Greetings 2014

During this Christmas season, we remember with gratitude those who have made 2014 a progressive and meaningful year.

There is no time more fitting than now to say that we thank you for your trust, the continued patronage, and the opportunities that have allowed us to serve you and create lasting relationships.

From the American English family, we wish you the most festive of holidays, health and prosperity, and much happiness for the coming year.