• Corporate Conversational English Promo

    Conversing with colleagues and clients breeds success. The ability to communication well is an important factor that can show a professional and competent workforce, and it is essential that you have a competency within your company in this area.
    Our Conversational English course is one of our most popular corporate trainings as employers see the value in expanding and developing the skills of their employees. We focus on the strategies, the delivery and the skills of being able to communicate well and efficiently using English. Our courses are CUSTOMISED to meet your requirements and be beneficial for your company.

    We know that learning can be hungry and thirsty work so we have it covered.
    Book your Conversational English course with us and we will treat the students STARBUCKS coffee AND buy LARGE pizza from one of the Leading brands here in the Philippines, for every day of the course.
    P9,800 +VAT per person

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