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What is the AMERICAN ENGLISH advantage?

Achieve your language learning goals and communicate more effectively at work with the knowledge and insight that our innovative and individualized communications courses place at your disposal. American English will work with you to develop exciting courses that will help you and your employees achieve your professional goals, whether you’re looking to reach out to clients overseas or foster cooperation within the workplace. Out with the old textbook-heavy curriculums and in with new methods that will help you improve right from the very beginning.

  • Business Writing

    Our Business Writing program teaches direct, effective writing techniques that will help students communicate more effectively with coworkers and Western clients.

    The course revolves around a practical curriculum through which students will learn how to compose business letters, reports, and e-mail messages that are clear, concise, and accurate. In addition, students will learn how to create effective business presentations.

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  • Assertive Business Communication

    There are many important reasons for clients to communicate effectively in the workplace, whether it’s to request information, collaborate on projects, or resolve disputes and misunderstandings.

    Along with training clients how to be more confident in the workplace, our Assertive Business Communication course will teach communication techniques, body language, empathy, and small talk.

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  • Conversational English

    Businesses and individuals can take advantage of American English’s flagship Conversational English training program.

    Conversational English is an intensive 16-hour course in a fun, participatory, and immersive learning environment where clients will develop the speaking and listening skills they need to communicate effectively with native speakers. Emphasis is placed on proper sentence construction, the correct use of grammar, and the application of appropriate verb tenses.

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  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

    A successful presentation hinges on how well you can deliver your message while staying on topic. Our Presentation and Public Speaking course gives you the skills you need to make hard-hitting presentations and speeches that keep audiences on their toes. In this course, you will learn how to condense information, craft informative and helpful visual aids, and overcome any difficulties you may have when speaking in front of a crowd.

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  • Collaborative Communication

    Collaborative and wide-open communication lies at the heart of everything that we do, whether it’s working together on a difficult project or making things run smoothly at the workplace. The success of your business or project depends on the participation of people who work well together and communicate openly in order to ensure maximum efficiency and cooperation. Count on our first-hand experience and assistance to help you build a safe environment of respect and trust where collaboration can thrive.

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  • Communication Skills Team Building

    Behind the success of every great organization in athletics, business, or government, there have always been people who worked together towards a common goal. Given the roles that people play within different groups, it is important for each and every member of your group to be on the same page. Take part in all kinds of exciting team-building activities and exercises that will help you become a better listener,

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  • Cross Cultural Communication

    It can be challenging to interact with others who come from different cultures, even for those of us who have traveled extensively or dealt with clients from all over the world. Because globalism has brought different kinds of people together, it is important now more than ever to be able to understand others and how to deal with any communicative issues that may arise – more so for businesses that often interact with other parts of the world. This course arms you with the skills to overcome language, distance, and cultural barriers.

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  • Effective Meeting Management

    Bad meetings seemingly drone on for hours, whereas good meetings make everyone feel they’ve accomplished something worthwhile. With a vital role in how our workplaces function, meetings need more than just a time and place; they require structure, order, time management, and a solid objective. Learn how to run organized and purpose-driven meetings with our Effective Meeting Management course.

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  • Accent Neutralization

    This course is intended for students who have demonstrated a strong command of English auditory and grammatical skills but require assistance in developing a neutral accent that can be understood all over the world. To that aim, an American intonation is emphasized as a baseline after which students will model their speech and pronunciation patterns.

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  • Leadership and Management Training

    Leadership can best be described as a delicate balancing act. The best and most-admired leaders know when it’s necessary to assign, manage, and demand, but they also know how to cooperate and empathize. Don’t fall behind at work. Become a better leader with the knowledge that our Leadership and Management Skills course provides.

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