Corporate Training

What is the AMERICAN ENGLISH advantage?

Achieve your language learning goals and communicate more effectively at work with the knowledge and insight that our innovative and individualized communications courses place at your disposal. American English will work with you to develop exciting courses that will help you and your employees achieve your professional goals, whether you’re looking to reach out to clients overseas or foster cooperation within the workplace. Out with the old textbook-heavy curriculums and in with new methods that will help you improve right from the very beginning.

  • Train the Trainers

    The best teachers are not just well-versed in their respective fields of study; they’re empathetic, enthusiastic, direct, upbeat, and considerate of the needs of others – especially their own students. It is of the utmost importance that your employees are taught as efficiently and respectfully as possible, which is why we offer a course that will help your corporate trainers learn everything they need to become effective teachers.

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  • Customer Relations Enhancement

    The Customer-Business relationship doesn’t just end when the line disconnects. It’s an experience that begins with the first point of contact and continues indefinitely as you look for methods to expand and engage your customer base. Because customer relations is a total team effort that requires everyone to be at their best, empathetic, and most attentive, we have come up with a curriculum that will help you achieve your goals.

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  • BPO/Call Center Training

    American English offers comprehensive and customizable training programs for Business Process Outsourcing providers and employees. Our company recognizes the need for these businesses to provide clearer and friendlier service to their clients overseas, which is why our BPO Call Center curriculum includes training in English grammar in addition to the empathetic skills that make the best customer service representatives stand out above all the rest.

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  • Technical Writing

    Employees will benefit immensely from our Technical Writing program. This course will teach them how to refine their writing skills and create purpose-driven messages that address the needs of companies at home and abroad.

    Participants will learn how to compose effective multi-page documents such as memos, proposals, sales materials, job descriptions, fact sheets, and research papers. Additional emphasis is placed on explaining processes and products through print, online, and other electronic means.

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