Assertive Business Communication

AESDC courses are taught using a combination of lectures, guided participation, drills, and practical/real-life communication practice. The course is designed to quickly equip participants with a degree of confidence in their own communication skills, allowing them to more readily participate in written exchanges.

By the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Gained high awareness and confidence in communicating in Business Conversational English (active listening, authentic speaking, intercultural skills) with various audiences (customers, colleagues) through different media (telephone, email, face-to-face, etc.)
  • Improved interpersonal and presentational communication skills for various business settings (meetings, telephone and face-to-face conversations, business travel, receiving guests, etc.)
  • Improved socio-linguistic competence in English for various business and cultural settings, including small talk for rapport/relationship-building, small group communication, negotiating, etc.)
  • Enhanced strategic competence by gaining new strategies for overcoming difficulties and challenges in communication
  • Installed processes for continuous learning and peer coaching

Assertive Communication
Building Self-Competence for English communication
  Self-assessment and planning
1. Understanding what assertive communication is
2. Understand your own assertiveness
3. When it is important to be assertive
4. Benefits of assertiveness in the workplace
5. Impacts of not being assertive
6. How to say no effectively and politely

1. Self-assessment on assertive communication
2. Information of types of behavior relating to non/assertive
3. Discussion
4. Activities
5. Question and Answer