Technical Writing

AESDC courses are taught using a combination of lectures, guided participation, drills, and practical/real-life communication practice. The course is designed to quickly equip participants with a degree of confidence in their own communication skills, allowing them to more readily participate in written exchanges. Aside from the classroom training, participants also do 3 online writing assignments after the course, for which they receive scores and individual feedback to help them apply what they learned and continue to improve.

By the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Gained higher awareness of essential writing skills and etiquette
  • Gained more confidence in writing in English by gaining more vocabulary and strategies
  • Enhanced their active vocabulary (expressions, grammatical and lexical collocations, other lexical units)
  • Enhanced grammatical competence for writing in English
AM Session
Learning Objectives
  1. Highlight and discuss the purpose and importance of technical writing within their job scope
  2. Using effective language

    1. word choice
    2. factual vs. opinion
    3. level of technicality
    4. clarity
  3. Constructing effective sentences and paragraphs

    1. complex sentences
    2. building paragraphs
    3. grammar – transitions, punctuation, etc.
  4. Pre-writing strategies

    1. analyzing the audience and purpose
    2. planning and preparation – mind mapping, outlining, flowcharting, etc.
    3. skills and methods
  1. Discussion
  2. Samples of technical writing
  3. Pair, small group, and individual written activities.
  4. Using and practicing different methods of organizing ideas
  5. Debrief
PM Session
Learning Objectives
  1. The writing process

    1. Presentation of data
    2. Accurate content
    3. Precision
    4. Drafting/editing/proofreading the report
  1. Implementing the writing process and practical methods
  2. Writing a mock report
  3. Presenting and analyzing
  4. Debrief
  5. Post evaluation