Train the Trainers

AESDC courses are taught using a combination of lectures, guided participation, drills, and practical/real-life communication practice. The course is designed to quickly equip participants with a degree of confidence in their own communication skills, allowing them to more readily communicate in English.

By the end of the course, participants would have:

  • Gained a higher awareness in the fundamentals of Adult Learning training
  • Improved interpersonal and presentational communication skills for various business settings
  • Enhanced strategic competence by gaining new strategies for developing and executing an effective training program
  • Learned the ideal procedure when concluding the training program to include the feedback gathering
  • Installed processes for continuous learning and peer coaching
Fundamentals of Training
Learning Objectives
  • Effective workplace training
  • What makes training effective
  • Types of training
  • Skills and attributes of an effective trainer
  • How to provide an inclusive learning environment
Adult Learning
Learning Objectives
  • The principle of adult learning
  • Identifying the student’s learning styles
  • Using technology to meet different learning needs
Communication Skills
Learning Objectives
  • Encoding and Decoding
  • Communication strategy
  • Barriers to learning
Prepare Training Session
Learning Objectives
  • Determine objective
  • Introduction
  • Mindmap the content
  • Build presentation mechanics
Session Plan
Learning Objectives
  • Why have a session plan?
  • Create a session plan
Assess the Learning
Learning Objectives
  • Designing effective assessment
  • Delivering and administering assessment
  • Assessment tools
Developing Confidence
Learning Objectives
  • Building confidence
  • Mastery of the learning materials (Grammar, Pronunciation, etc.)
Deliver Presentation
Learning Objectives
  • Deliver your presentation
  • Be videoed whilst presenting
Feedback Forms
Learning Objectives
  • Coaching
  • Feedback sandwich
  • Self-analysis
  • Peer feedback
Wrapping Up
Learning Objectives
  • Course review
  • Wrap up