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Presenting with Confidence

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Conquer your fear of speaking in public through real-life practice in developing and delivering presentations and speeches. Learn effective ways to deliver information, interact with audiences, and successfully get your message across with confidence.

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Boost your abilities and become the center of attention by attending our Presenting with Confidence training. This workshop prepares you to speak publicly, whether in front of a room of strangers or with your colleagues. You will have the skills and knowledge to know where to stand, how to look and act confident, and deliver your presentation with poise. Our training includes the essential the 3 P’s Plan, Prepare and Present.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of what it takes to persuasively and effective speak and present information to small and large audiences
  • Practice developing presentations using new knowledge of key elements of a good presentation
  • Gain strategies and techniques to maximize audience interaction


Module Language Focus Module Language Focus
Introduction: Active Listening and Authentic Speaking as Core Communication Skills

Practice: Meeting New People, Introducing Yourself

Simple Tenses (Present)
Producing vowel sounds: schwa
Small Talk Strategies
Describing People, Places and Things Using adjectives
Using prepositions and adverbials of place and movement
Producing voices and unvoiced consonants: th, f/p, v/b
Talking About Likes and Dislikes Using gerunds
Using adverbs
“I” statements for preferences
Producing vowel sounds: I
Strategies for Agreeing and Disagreeing
Talking About Food Using Adverbials of degree and certainty
Ordering, Requesting, Offering
Talking about Work Verb Tenses (past simple, past perfect
Talking about Culture Using perfect tenses
Stressing and Intonation
Talking about the future Future tenses


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