Free Training (NGO-Sponsored) Still Available

American English’s partner NGO, Phil-Dutch Educational Scholarship Inc., is still open to new applications for deserving scholars who wish to take advantage of our business English and communication training programs. Filipinos who are either college degree holders or undergrads and are willing to learn skills essential for their desired careers are invited to sign up for the free training sessions once screened as qualified applicants.

Moreover, Phil-Dutch has organized the Teachers Outreach Program for public school teachers who want to improve their teaching skills in the English language without fees. Contact Phil-Dutch for more information.

3 responses to “Free Training (NGO-Sponsored) Still Available”

  1. Jerl S. Rey says:

    This is great. This program would help our public school teachers new methods of teaching for better understanding and learning English fast. I believe this program of yours would be acknowledged by CHED for more collaboration and share more strategies that NGO and other government entities would come up with for better educational system specially in the field of English proficiency. Good work and keep it up.

  2. satya narayan pattanaik says:

    interest for free ngo training

  3. we are English supervisor teachers working in our government education department
    we are asking for be your partner and participate in our activities
    with best regards
    Mss shelan
    kurdistan region iraq

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