Old Hat, New Look


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19 MAR 2013
American English Skills Development Center, Inc.

Old Hat, New Look

The start of the year always carries the lure of a new beginning and fresh start. So what’s new with American English? Take a closer look.

We’ve developed a website which has a constant theme across the pages, with sections and items all working together to make what you need to know easy to find. We’ve also changed our logo with the speech bubble, pen and globe as its main elements which altogether represent what we do as a training facility.

English for Kids

KidsEnglish training is not just for adults. Your children can also benefit in making this summer a productive one by enrolling them in our inaugural Youth English Summer School (YESS) program.

Enroll now and receive a 15% discount!


Celebrating 7 Years of Excellence

The art of appreciation for customers seemingly has become a forgotten art form. Business owners tend to take good customers for granted over time. Companies must think doing a good job is enough. We at American English completely disagree! Compliments are given so rarely, yet there clearly is so much to be thankful for. We are taking the lead to say “Thank you!” as we reach our 7 years doing what we do best. Continue reading.

Business English for Global Business Professionals

Our logo elements altogether creates a graphical representation of who we are – a trusted name in teaching English and its varying discourses to people of different nationalities. Continue reading. Our excellence in training working professionals has allowed us to expand our reach to the International market. Continue reading.

We Excel in What We Do

To say we are the best training center is no exaggeration. We are confident in this fact not based on what others are doing, but on what we do and how we do it. There are several ways to contextualize success and we base ours on a number of increasing verticals correlated against a series of industry specific standards. Continue reading.

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  1. Zeus Joseph Diaz says:

    A lot of countries are using English as their main sub-language, and there are multiple simple English phrases spreading around the world. Having good training and an understanding of English language helps people when travelling because people can communicate and understand better. Also, people who speak English have a better chance to excel at being accepted into training programs or colleges English-speaking countries and mostly in an interview for a job. Another importance in learning English is that, they can make friends easier if they know English. They will understand each other easily and it can also improve oneself.

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