Online Training

American English is very proud to introduce  learning platform that will cater to the delivery of our live online and blended learning programs.

Because skills are the most important commodity in today’s economy, more employees are dividing their time between work and school. Unfortunately, we all know what that means – whether it’s having to deal with rising tuition costs, dreaded commute times, or freakish weather straight out of a disaster flick.

But what if there was a convenient and cost-effective way to learn new things while you bring home the bacon? That’s where American English has got you covered. Not only have we bundled our best-selling “Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!” with all kinds of valuable online material, we’ve partnered with Pisara to provide a powerful platform through which you can learn English either at home or at the office.


Pisara is a learning-focused educational technology platform geared toward teacher empowerment and learner independence and success.

Pisara fosters transformative and innovative training and learning by enabling educators to reach and teach online communities of learners. Accessible on a variety of devices, Pisara turns gadgets into mobile learning delivery systems for sharing knowledge and expertise with the world to empower generations of global learners. Pisara provides technical support in real time for total learning management so that learners can learn and teachers can teach anytime, anywhere!


Start your online learning journey now!