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    Graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, majoring in Communications Technology Management. Following her graduation, she started working as an English trainer, gaining experience in online and face-to-face language coaching. She received her TEFL Master Diploma with an endorsement for Business English in 2013. She has experience in tailoring learning courses for professionals from countries like Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy, and Germany.


    United Kingdom

    Has worked in the Professional Training Industry in England for 15 years.  She has trained various Vocational courses including Health and Social Care, Management, Maths and English.  She has delivered courses using a wide range of methods and techniques and in different settings e.g. One to One, group delivery, as well as online teaching. She also has experience in teaching English to Chinese students online. Her latest academic achievement is “Functional Skills in English and Maths” awarded to her by Oxford, Cambridge and RSA.