Business English for Global Business Professionals

Our logo elements altogether creates a graphical representation of who we are – a trusted name in teaching English and its varying discourses to people of different nationalities.

Our excellence in training working professionals has allowed us to expand our reach to the international market. While there is undoubtedly a big market for teaching English as a Second Language, we, in a more important sense, also realize, recognize and respond to the unique needs of a diverse workforce. We don’t want global professionals just to get by. We want them to get ahead.

The ability to communicate effectively is vital in every global organization. We understand that one quality that companies look for when hiring candidates or promoting employees to higher ranks is not just business knowledge, but effective communication skills.

Those who advance to senior management or leadership positions do so not only because of their specialized knowledge, but because of their outstanding language abilities both in writing and speaking.

Addressing such concerns, we offer customized and industry-specific training programs focused on delivering practical training in research and writing, group communication, cross-cultural communication, and industry-specific reports or presentations. It comes as no surprise to us why account executives of a prestigious Danish eyewear manufacturer, the upper management of several reputable Japanese corporations and organizations like JICA, and distinguished members of various Embassies in the Philippines among others, have made us their choice training facility.

We also offer Pre-assessment and Pre-Training Needs Analysis to all interested International Students at no cost.


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For more information please call us at (632) 885 0268 or (632) 889 1101 and/or email us at info[[at]]

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