Learning and Speaking Better English

I’ve always thought of taking an English Proficiency course, but I didn’t know where, until now. American English is the right place for anyone to spruce up their English. They have a very interactive environment, not like the usual classroom where there’s a teacher talking all the time while students just write everything down. The AE teachers are superb. They know what they are talking about. They give us the practical approach in learning and speaking BETTER ENGLISH. There’s so much to tell. See, I just had my first class earlier (9AM – 1PM), but I’ve already had a lot of talk time! I can’t wait to see RYAN, the better English Speaker! To Mr. Arvin, thank you for the wonderful introduction earlier. There’s so much in store for us. I know I’ll learn more about the American way. This will bring the confidence that I have been looking for! Thank you, American English!

Francis Ryan Sarmiento
(now at TELUS Contact Center Solutions, after three weeks at AE)

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