We Excel in What We Do

To say we are the best training center is no exaggeration. We are confident in this fact not based on what others are doing, but on what we do and how we do it. There are several ways to contextualize success and we base ours on a number of increasing verticals correlated against a series of industry specific standards.

We not only set the bar high, we consistently break the bars we have set in place. How? By delivering what’s expected of us which is no less than the best. For this reason, we’ve been rearing not just entry level working professionals, but also corporate executives and business owners. We’ve catered to politicians, ambassadors and a diverse group of multicultural students, providing them the same customized quality training that we provide to our corporate clients.

We say we are the best because we’ve managed to outdo ourselves. And like any other company faced with challenges, we refuse to give up or give in. By focusing on our desire to help people connect to the world with English communication, we find ourselves earning a place and credit we can rightfully claim.

We, at American English, are very proud to share our expertise both in Training and Development with our proven and tested training materials, effective techniques and methodologies. As all our training programs are balanced between theory, practical use and application, they can customized and designed to meet your company’s objectives.

Get a glimpse of any of our training programs or course offers. We’d be more than happy to reserve a one (1) day complimentary seat in any of our open schedules.

For more information please call us at (632) 885 0268 or (632) 889 1101 and/or email us at info[[at]]americanenglish.ph

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