A dream job offer starts with great results during the first interview, but there are applicants who are having trouble getting through that obstacle. There’s really no reason to feel nervous, unless they lack the skills to communicate effectively in English – the universal language of trade and commerce.

In the Philippines, there are several career opportunities available but the sad truth is that only a few hires are reported. Business process outsourcing, media, hospitality and tourism jobs, for example, require English proficiency as these are the people-oriented type. Even technical and vocational jobs consider fluency in the English language a great asset, as they are in demand here and abroad. Government employees and those in very basic admin positions need constant usage of proper business English, should they deal with foreign visitors or investors or their companies have plans of expanding globally.

Come to think of it, the need to work as an OFW is a common product of misconception that the applicant’s skills and qualifications are not enough. He or she starts feeling this the moment he gets frustrated and desperate after a lot of unsuccessful attempts at job interviews. English fluency greatly helps applicants sell themselves and express their ideas, in both oral and written forms of communication, to their prospective employers. This way, employers get to know them better and they are assessed easier as to what job best fits their personality and skills. It just might be the position they are applying for, or a different one but much more appropriate.

After college, fresh graduates would rather start job hunting than enroll in pre-employment skills training sessions due to fees they are required to pay. Free training may seem obsolete these days, but an established partnership between TESDA-certified American English Skills Development Center, Inc. and non-government organization Phil-Dutch Educational Scholarship Inc. has opened the door to no-cost English tutorials, grammar lessons, and skills training for Filipinos (terms and conditions apply). Preference for the complimentary sessions is given to underprivileged individuals who are unemployed and are available to attend classes at the Makati training venue for two weeks to a maximum of one month. Prospective students can expect the right quality of further English education in terms of improving their vocabulary and building self-confidence, and become globally competent professionals upon completion of the training.

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