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29 OCT 2013
American English Skills Development Center, Inc.

Find formal English training too pricey for your budget?

We’re doing our own Novemberfest, not a “beer-fest”, but more of an “English-fest”!

We’re generously offering discounts which include lowered rates for both our corporate and public training courses until the end of the month.

Take a look at our promo today and contact us for further information.

Corporate Training Courses – 10% Off

Any of these comprehensive courses, which can take place in the participants’ own office, can turn an average person in the workforce into a globally-competent individual armed with the right amount of English skills coupled with confidence when dealing with professional native English speakers.

  • Corporate Communication – Learn techniques in dealing with business people by speaking English the way they do and addressing their concerns with credibility and substance.
  • Business Correspondence – Be well-versed in writing for business, whether traditionally or online, plus take advantage of additional pointers in creating reports and presentations that will appeal to your target audience.
  • Technical Writing – This no-nonsense writing is appropriate for memos, proposals, sales materials, job descriptions, fact sheets, and research papers — targeting busy people who matter yet don’t have the luxury of time.
  • BPO Training – The BPO industry covers both voice and non-voice career opportunities, thus speaking and writing skills are essential in dealing with English speaking customers. Course is not limited to technicalities, but is inclusive of polishing of accents and tone of voice when writing to pass as native English speaker sound-alikes, plus an orientation regarding prospective customers’ culture and information on their countries of origin.
  • Assertive Business Communication – An advanced form of corporate communication, this course was designed to enhance skills related to persuasion, decision-making and problem-solving –perfect for employees from middle management to CEOs.
  • Presentation Skills – It addresses all difficulties that deal with public speaking activities like in meetings, sales pitches and special events.
  • Team Building – Working in an office is not all business, but it also involves nurturing interpersonal relationships and maintaining healthy competition among peers. The course, therefore, focuses on strategies on how to communicate English to get things done by uniting the team towards one goal.

Public Training Courses – 10% Off

Students and fresh graduates can jumpstart their future as early as possible by familiarizing themselves with tried-and-tested principles in English communication.

  • Conversational English (CE) – Starting and carrying a conversation with fellow Filipinos who are fluent in English as well as native English speakers would be more of a breeze with the help of this course’s back-to-basics approach like sentence construction and proper intonation.
  • Intermediate Conversational English (ICE) – A follow up to the CE course that goes beyond the basics and is perfect for more intellectual conversations.
  • TOEFL/IELTS Review – Working abroad requires proof of language proficiency (English, to be specific, being the universal language), and the course serves as an intensive preparation for the two exams that determine the perfect candidates for the most in-demand jobs overseas.
  • American Accent Training – Students taking this course should already possess excellent English communication skills as class hours will be solely devoted to developing the right “twang” – neutral and understood by all nationalities.
  • Business Correspondence – Learn proper letter and email composition for purposes such as job applications and filing service complaints.
  • Technical Writing – This no-nonsense writing is appropriate for memos, proposals, sales materials, job descriptions, fact sheets, and research papers — targeting busy people who matter yet don’t have the luxury of time.
  • Creative Writing – For wannabe writers who are more unconventional and imaginative that they see themselves as future novelists, lifestyle journalists, screenplay writers and bloggers.
  • Call Center Training – Speaking to people from the other side of the world can be a challenging task. However with this kind of training, graduates will not only learn to speak English like a pro, but will also benefit from the recommendation American English will provide to the top outsourcing employers in the country today.

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