Empowering individuals with the English language

English has been the universal language amongst all countries and has become the means of communication for cultures with different languages.

Don’t speak good, speak well.

Individuals, professionals, corporate practitioners — these are people engaged in different business activities and transactions. Even though they frequently meet people from other companies, speaking in English has always been one of the major factors of hesitation.

There are instances where individuals, not only students, but also professionals and corporate practitioners are hesitant to speak in the English language with other people. A probable reason is that they are afraid to make mistakes and be teased. Avoiding it may spare conversation and embarrassment, but this would likely restrict an individual from his/her potential to fully understand, utilize and be confident with the language in the long run.

Practice, practice, practice speaking in English

Learning English and being able to speak well cannot be done overnight. It requires proper training and plenty of practice. In order to become confident outside, it is important to grasp the essence of speaking until you feel comfortable.

Watch movies and listen to music: Allocate time to explore and watch different films that incorporate the English language. Carefully listen to an actor’s or actress’ way of speaking and mentally practice their spiel before saying it.

Whenever there is free time, listening to music may also be an option. Although there are limits to the words or lines that the singer sings due to the alteration of timing pauses, intonation and many other aspects.

Read books and explore the dictionary: frequently reading books sharpens the comprehension while exploring new words in the dictionary enables an individual to broaden their vocabulary and apply it in formulating sentences, speeches, and everything else.

Have frequent conversations: Similar to theories and practices, a concept will just remain as it is if not applied. Same goes for the English language, acquiring it through textbooks and subjects at school will not guarantee a person will speak well in front of another.

In order to speak well, it is necessary to have frequent conversation. Even individuals whose primary language is English converse very often. It’s a similar concept as part of the lifestyle; it is developed and further refined through frequent use which is achieved through conversations.

Adapting the English accent

American English Skills Development Center, Inc. empowers individuals, professionals, and corporate practitioners with the English language in order to prepare and boost their confidence in the real world.

English grammar lessons and tutorials: As one of the leading English schools in Metro Manila, American English prides itself with over seven years of experience and expertise in training and developing individuals.

The unique distinction of American English among the rest is the “Accent Addition”, where students are not trained to eliminate the accent but rather control it. By doing this, a student can easily switch from the local accent to the neutral accent.

Contact American English and be confident with both oral and written communication skills today!

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  • enrique monreal armendariz February 6, 2015 @ 2:27 pm

    i,m interested to learn english in philippines around 1 month so, i would like to know what special course do you have for foreigners people and he price

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