BizTalk: Be Confident Yet Courteous

When it comes to business correspondence, courtesy is one of the 7 C’s to effectiveness while combining the remaining 6 — clarity, conciseness, completeness, consideration and most especially correctness and concreteness — brings out another essential C: confidence.

There should be proper balance between courtesy and confidence in creating content and setting the style for business letters and other forms of business communication. A person is seen as a confident speaker/writer when he sticks to and applies the rules on spelling and grammar, uses appropriate language level, is complete, specific and accurate when it comes to facts and figures, conveys the message without causing confusion on the receiver’s end, is straight to the point, and takes to heart the receiver’s feelings towards the communication being made. However, to make the receiver of his message feel more valued, this is where courtesy steps in — from starting to closing the communication process.

For more tips and techniques on developing better business communication skills, we can help.

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