An English Teacher’s New “BFF”!

If you are into teaching English to Filipino students in the preschool, elementary and high school departments, you know very well that it may or may not be an easy profession. Consider yourself lucky if all or majority of your students’ are already in the high proficiency level when it comes to the reading, speaking and writing aspects, but if you think about the others with grammar and pronunciation problems, chances are this particular group needs a more motivational way of learning English in order to totally eradicate their fear of “nose-bleeding” (a Filipino slang term for experiencing difficulty in communicating using the English language).

It’s up to you as a professor/tutor how to make your lessons and exams more fun-filled yet practical to young students. English skills tutorial center American English values your teaching skills, hard work and dedication, hence its best-selling publication Don’t Speak Good, Speak Well! the “nosebleed” edition was written to play the part of your lesson plan’s ultimate sidekick and as its way of supporting DepEd’s efforts towards reforms in English teaching methods.

Don’t Speak Good, Speak Well!  the “nosebleed” edition was recently published targeting Filipinos of various demographics who wish to communicate the way Americans, Brits, and other native English speakers do. It serves as both reading material and workbook, as it contains relevant topics and exercises inspired by actual teaching experiences of highly-skilled American English training facilitators, who are foreigners and Filipinos.

To make it more appealing to today’s Generation Y, American English has applied the wonders of technology in English education by creating downloadable audio and video training of the lessons discussed in the book. You can use these demo files as training materials in your classes or tutorial sessions, and your access to download will come from a unique product key printed in the book that you will key in via the official site

For an affordable price of P590 a copy  for the complete set of book with digital support (teacher training videos & audio pronunciation files), Don’t Speak Good, Speak Well! the “nosebleed” edition  will be your best learning and teaching investment to keep up with the country’s K-12 English curriculum standards.

To know more about Don’t Speak Good, Speak Well! the “nosebleed” edition,  talk to us for a detailed copy of our teachers’ proposal: 889-1101, 885-0268 or

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