Best Place Overall? – Why BPO Work Can Be Worth It

Business process outsourcing companies have been around since the 1990s and the Philippines is one of the top choices of countries by BPO investors for the “cheap labor” concept — Filipinos speak from above-average to good English, are computer-literate and hospitable yet amenable to an annual salary package that is much lower in monetary value than what Western employees normally get, and 2 to 3 times higher than today’s local minimum wage rate.

This explains the thousands of applications being processed in a week for various BPO jobs in areas such as customer service, sales, technical support, transcription and encoding, as well as the growing number of foreign investors that open several BPO companies within the country’s prime techno hubs and business parks. Prospective employees have ten (10) reasons why they prioritize a BPO application, despite the long waiting time due to the one-day processing period set by the human resources team:

1). Big money, impressive benefits (e.g. healthcare, night differential)
2)  Technical qualification is preferred but not required
3) A college degree is a plus, yet college undergrads and High School graduates are also given consideration
4) There is continuous coaching conducted to improve communication and other related skills.

5) There are opportunities for training abroad

6) Possibility of undergoing Six Sigma and other relevant training for career advancement

7) Perks such as free food, free use of inter-office recreational areas, free Internet, free shuttle service, and discounts in stores that are exclusive to the company or all BPO employees

8) A fun environment with automatic access to not-the-usual team building activities, special events and corporate parties organized by the company

9) Some BPO companies offer incentives for top performing teams and employees
10) A more hassle-free immigration Visa approval due to exposure to foreign culture and international relations

But sadly, there are still Filipinos with potential in terms of technical and academic skills who still fail the initial and final stages of the hiring process due to one crucial factor: communication skills, particularly below average to poor oral and written English. Click here to get information on American English’s language training courses suited for BPO employment.

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