Congratulations, New Graduates – Welcome to the Real World!

The real world is where each and every adult must be flexible, level-headed, self-sufficient, street-smart, hardworking, goal-oriented and results-oriented in order to survive and succeed. An employer, particularly one based anywhere in the Philippines, loves to have a team player as a “multitasker” who is:

  • A techie – above-average to excellent skill level when using specific computer programs, the Internet, and social media management
  • A perpetual student of life – always willing to learn new things, take new responsibilities, accept constructive criticism, and adapt to inevitable changes
  • A walking billboard – possesses pleasing personality, knows the products and services offered by heart and stay innovative in promoting them to clients

If the descriptions mentioned above fit your personality to a T, then you must be armed with these three essentials to get you your very first job that you really deserve: a short but impressive resume, a formal but brief cover letter, and the right set of answers to job interview questions. But of course, in order to create a very good and lasting first impression with your three job-hunting weapons, you must have the ability to communicate well and in a professional manner.

English is the official business language in the Philippines and the rest of the world, hence you have that undeniable edge if you are fluent enough to express yourself clearly and sell yourself to your prospects with proper wording, diction, intonation and timing. If you feel that you still need to brush up your English, make this your official day-to-day checklist of English improvement habits:

  • Read books, magazines and online articles
  • Watch English movies and TV shows
  • Attend English communication training sessions (in person or online)
  • Answer English spelling and grammar online tests and take note of the results
  • Listen and observe how radio DJ’s and music channel VJs host their programs
  • Before posting on social media profiles and blog sites, use an online spelling or grammar checker or draft your content and do quick checking using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer’s Spelling and Grammar tool (some employers nowadays refer to applicants’ social media accounts or personal blog sites for background checking purposes, thus one must be very responsible in posting text and photos)
  • Have regular practice conversations (spoken and written) with family members, relatives and close friends who you believe are more well-versed in English and ask for helpful feedback

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  • Evaloria Saludo December 1, 2015 @ 2:42 pm

    First impression really matters in a job interview but applicants should be equipped with knowledge and qualities of a good employee. Practice makes perfect so we better practice speaking in english everyday so that when the time comes especially when going to an interview we are ready to face the challenge.

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