#GoManny – The Ultimate Pinoy Inspiration

Pound-for-pound boxer and international superstar Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao came from a poor family, worked upon dropping out of school as a result of poverty, and pursued boxing when he moved to Manila at a very young age. His life has become one of the world’s most admired rags-to-riches story–he never stopped dreaming and believing he can succeed.

He could have just remained the nation’s best boxer or experienced temporary global fame, yet being average-looking, financially-challenged and an undergrad didn’t give him any reason to quit being working harder. Apart from boxing and other sports, he was fortunate to get numerous opportunities to improve himself in terms of dealing with people from all walks of life. His participation in competitions outside his home country paved the way for better people skills, including communication skills. He experienced what it’s like to interact with foreign opponents, celebrities and fans. His English speaking and writing abilities have come a long way since his early days in boxing, considering his background, that he has become more confident in entering local politics and guesting in international TV programs. Manny’s definitely a role model to each and every Filipino striving to follow his or her passions and make it big anywhere in the world.

We are proud of you, PacMan! #SugodManny #OneForPacman #PacmanWins #AllGloryToGod

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