Education in the Philippines and How We Can Help

Looking at the current state of our education, it’s hard to believe that the Philippines used to be envied by its Asian neighbors. Students from neighboring countries would flock to the Philippines just to have access to quality education. Because of the influence that the United States had on our educational system, the Philippines became known around the world for its high standard of education, as well as its highly educated population.

So what happened?

Many scholars believe that the state of Philippine education started to slowly decline towards the end of the Marcos era. With graft and corruption taking its toll on the economy, the highly educated workforce which included teachers had to leave the country in search of greener pastures. The teachers who were left behind had no other choice than to make do with the very little resources they had. In many public schools, this meant having to pack in an average of 80 students per classroom and share textbooks among 3 students at a given time.

The good news is, even with the declining achievement rates of elementary and high school students based on recent National Achievement Test (NAT) results, Filipino students in general, still consider quality education as a top priority. They just need the right opportunities to keep them on the right track.

In terms of providing the right opportunities, here’s what we can do to help.

American English Skills Development, Inc. and Phil-Dutch Educational Scholarship Inc. recently partnered with the Rotary Club of Makati – Pasong Tamo to help combat the education problem in public schools. In our own little way, we hope to equip students with the necessary communication skills that they need in order for them to succeed.

If you would like to join us helping make quality education much more accessible, you can show your support by purchasing a copy of our best-selling book “Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!” For every book that you buy, we’ll donate a copy to a deserving public school teacher or student. For purchases of 10 or more, you can nominate a public school of your choice as the beneficiary.

Stop the Nosebleed with HELP

The students we help today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. If we want the state of our nation to get any better, we need to prepare our students for the challenges ahead. Send us an email at to know more on how you can help our cause. For order inquiries, you can also call our direct lines 889-1101 and 885-0268.

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