5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your English Communication

ways to improve english

If you are thinking about working or studying abroad or looking for jobs, you need to also think about how well you can communicate in English. Improving your English written and oral communication skills is very crucial not only in finding a job, but also in social situations.

A lot of English language learners sometimes struggle in finding a quick fix to fluency, but there are no quick fixes.  It’s a process and it involves a lot of dedication and patience.  There are plenty of English schools in Makati offering business writing and English conversational skills.  American English Development Center is a place where one can learn and improve their conversational and written English.

Here are the 5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your English Communication:

  • Practice thinking in English. When someone asks you a question in English, do you reply instantly in English? Or do you pause and translate from your native language? English learners often translate from their native language to English, which is not a very good idea.  Something gets lost in translation and, more often than not, what we do is use our native language’s syntax and plug in the English words. We don’t want to get used to speaking in English using the wrong syntax.  So a good way of replying instantly in English is to practice thinking in English.  Take 5 minutes every day and thinking in English.  During your long commute home or if you’re stuck in traffic, jogging or taking a walk, think to yourself in English.  Describe your surroundings, prioritize the items in your to-do-lists, summarize what happened to your day or recap how the day made you feel.  When you start getting used to this practice, you will soon find that you can speak in English without having to translate from your native language.
  • Find native-English speakers to talk to. Make friends with English speaking people.  In that way, you are forced to speak only in English to them.
  • Form an English club with your family and friends. Impose a rule that you have to speak only in English when meeting.  Share stories and books you’ve read.  Discuss politics and current events.  Talk about anything under the sun, but do it only in English.
  • Entertain yourself with English. Listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, and read books in English.  When you’re listening to music, memorize the lyrics.  Don’t watch movies with subtitles so that you can pay attention to how words are spoken and in which context they are used.  When reading books, make sure to look up unknown words in the dictionary.
  • Build a vocabulary bank. When you encounter words you don’t know the meaning of, look them up in the dictionary and write the word and meaning in your notebook, which is your vocabulary bank.  Watch out for these words when watching movies, talking to people, reading books etc. and pay attention to how they are pronounced and used.  Building your vocabulary is very important because you need different words to express yourself in different ways.

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