How Learning English Can Help You Find Better Job Opportunities

learning english

English is the universal business language. Every day there are more than a million of transactions made in English all over the world.  Hence, learning English is crucial in business.

Enrolling yourself in an English school in the Philippines is a start towards the right direction. The Philippines has plenty of multinational companies whose medium of exchange is in English. If you are looking to increase your job opportunities, you need to brush up on your English and hone it to a level of functional fluency.

How can learning English boost career opportunities?

  • English is a necessary skill in an industry where English is required, such as BPO, tourism, sales, banking and hotel and management.
  • You need English fluency to be able to write an impressive resume and cover letter. Having a well-written resume can impress potential employers and show that you have a good command of the language.
  • Effective communication necessitates speaking with and writing to people from across cultures. English is the currency in which cultural gaps are bridged.  It also means opportunity for travel.
  • There is proven increased cultural sensitivity when you are able to speak in a foreign language. Learning English involves learning the cultures where English is spoken.  This builds increased understanding of your future colleagues and clients.
  • English proficiency means you are putting yourself ahead of other candidates when you are applying for jobs or seeking a promotion.
  • You increase your professional value if you are adept in the English language. Knowing how to write and speak in English increases your chances of getting a higher salary.
  • Learning English can help you advance in your career. You will find that English translates to building relationships with individuals who can open doors for you in the industry. It is also a requirement for managerial positions. In the corporate world, English is a vital skill for communication.

Whether you are looking for jobs locally or abroad, starting a career or looking to advance in your career, learning English proves important in opening opportunities and widening your choices. English schools in the Philippines understand that each student is there for a variety of reasons. American English Skills Development Center, Inc. can provide you with high quality English language instruction and training.  Classes are tailored to meet individual student requirements.


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