Easiest Ways to Improve Your English Communication Skills

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Enrolling in an English school can be the best idea for anyone who wishes to improve or learn English. These lessons can be done two ways: one-on-one or classroom style. No matter which method your school chooses, you may want to expand your learning outside your school. If this is indeed your case, then perhaps this list might be best for you.

Set A Schedule

If you’re a busy person or someone in a 9-5 job, you definitely will not have the easiest of times studying the language. What you can do is set a schedule for yourself; you can even incorporate your studies into your work. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is by allotting a few minutes of your lunch hour to reviewing your lessons, be it just ten to fifteen minutes. You can also allot the same number of minutes in the morning before work and when you arrive home to study your notes. And just how can you incorporate your English studies into your daily life? By putting what you’ve learned into action, something that will be discussed further next.

Weave What You’ve Learned Into Your Life

While it may sound a bit similar to the previous tip, this is extremely different as you are not just setting aside a few minutes to study your lessons, but you are actually putting it into action in whatever you are doing on a daily basis. If you answer the phone on a regular basis, then answer it in English; try as much as possible to keep your communication in that language. When talking to your colleagues, friends or relatives, speak to them in English. When writing an email to your friend, keep it in English.

Read the Newspaper

Perhaps one of the most well known printed publications in the world is the newspaper. It’s a diverse material that changes on a daily basis; no two editions are ever alike. It’s also available in every single country in the world. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to easily improve their English communication skills as the newspaper is so easily accessible since it can be found everywhere. It’s also extremely affordable, thus permitting even the thriftiest of students to purchase it.

The newspaper is diverse and contains a large variety of topics. As it is, it can be hard to find something to speak about when in a conversation with another person. Reading the paper can give you ideas on what topics to talk about since it had numerous sections, ranging from the news to business to entertainment to lifestyle. When you talk, you get to practice your English. Truly, the newspaper is the unlikely perfect instrument for assisting anyone who wishes to study the language.

Reflect in a Mirror

More often than not, we use the reflective surface of the mirror to ensure our clothing is put on straight, the hair perfectly coifed and the face without a single smudge on it. The mirror can also be useful for improving your English communication skills.

Using a handheld mirror or a full sized mirror, talk about a chosen topic for a couple of minutes. Do not take your eyes away from the mirror and observe yourself. How does your mouth move? How is your body language? What about your facial expression?  Is your mouth opening the way it should be to certain letters and words?

Music Helps

If you are more of an audio learner, it’s recommended to download an audiobook and its published equivalent. Crack open the book the same time you click play on the audiobook.  Try to mime the words as you listen to the recording. If you find any difficulty with any of the words, just go back to that part and repeat it. Not only will you be able to learn the proper pronunciation of new words, but you will also unconsciously learn the proper accent as your repeat out loud some of the parts you find interesting.

These methods aren’t hard at all and anybody who is determined to master the language can do them. Remember, learning is not just confined to the four walls of the classroom; it can happen anywhere anytime anyplace.

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