Month: June 2018

The Do’s and Don’ts of Evaluating Language Competency When Hiring

Language competency is especially important in business communication as the world you are living in is a globally competitive one; it is not uncommon to see big companies such as Google, GlaxoSmithKline and Apple branch out and have offices in different countries across the globe. It’s also why language is extremely important as you will […]

“Back to School” promo winner

Our “Back to School” promo grand winner visited us today.  Congratulations again Ms. Shiela Nicole Endique Cruz! ? She just won a free Conversational English class worth P9860 and our bestselling book “Dont Speak Good. Speak Well”. Thanks for giving us a visit  See you in our Saturday class starting 30th June! ????

How Does Business Communication Differ from General Conversation?

It can be rare for a person not to speak to anyone on a single day, especially if are employed. After all, how else will you report your finds in a meeting or how else will you say “pass the salt” on the dinner table? What people do not realize is not all interactions are […]