Why Speaking Proper English is Important for your Career

There is no other language used in business, political or personal transactions than the English language.  English is the most widely spoken language around the world and is needed in communication in a variety of professional fields.  If you have a good command of English, not only do your career opportunities broaden but also your chance for getting paid more at a chosen job increases.

With the Internet and smart technology, the world has gotten smaller.  Globalization, as a result, has encouraged companies to reach beyond their own backyard and employ qualified staff that from different parts of the world.  Thus, people usually take overseas assignments because the demand for vacancies has increased.  Because multinational companies are staffed with people from different regions and cultures, speaking English is very crucial.

As private sector companies become increasingly more competitive to conform to the world economy, the employees need to increase their competitive edge as well.  It is either your work hard, learn and perform, or perish for not taking care of your professional development.  Employability means having the ability to remain employable as a result of the relevant skills you possess. Communication skills are very essential in this regard.  The capacity to express one’s self in spoken or written form very much depends on how you strategize your growth to remain competitive and employable.

Communication skills are important tools for us to exchange information, ideals, feelings, and thoughts.  The corporate world values these skills very much for many transactions are negotiated successfully by being an effective communicator.  Companies consider English as an important criterion for selecting a successful candidate.  Furthermore, employees are expected to be interactive and communicative with others in the team.  Indeed, teamwork is vital in multinational companies.  Because effective communication is the means by which business processes keep working, communicating in English is a must.

In short, companies want people who can basically read, understand and speak in English.  You can increase your marketability by learning how to converse in English fluently.  If you want to stay ahead in the game, you will need to increase your English skills.  There is truth to the saying that people will judge you by the way you speak.  In the professional world, this is very important to note as you are representing your company in meetings, conferences, and interactions with stakeholders.  A professional look has to be substantiated with effective English communication skills.

Remember, a basic knowledge of English is not enough to open career doors.  You need to aim to be an eloquent speaker to persuade and create a powerful impression.

Spoken English opens up new possibilities with which you can advance in your career.  There are many different types of courses that can help you improve your English.  Taking a short English course in Makati at American English Skills Development Center, Inc. can greatly improve your conversational skills.

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