Month: August 2018

Sung Yoon Park and Yoo Halin

Our Korean learners, Sung Yoon Park and Yoo Halin with our trainers, Alison Heslop-Perida, Venus Villanueva and Geanelle Abad. Congratulations to our Korean mother and daughter students. It was a pleasure to teach you and we look forwarding to welcoming you back soon. 🙂

Why it is Important to Have Effective Communication

Gone are the days when we would do the rain dance to communicate with the gods to bring us rain. Fast forward 21st century when the level of effective communication is what separates individuals and businesses apart. When you communicate well, you establish a stronger workplace relationship that results in increased productivity by promoting a […]

Hesham Aldossari

Feedback from our Arab learner, Hesham Aldossari “I feel very happy in my training here at American English. They teach very well. I had 30 hours of learning but that was enough for me learn reading and writing. I want to thank all of my trainers for supporting me in my journey. I will definitely […]

Jojo Magisa

Professionals prefer to develop their communication skills with American English. Congratulations on your graduation. ? Thank you Mr. Jojo Magisa for choosing to train with us. Mr. Magisa is with his trainers Ms. Alison Heslop (left) and Ms. Geanelle Abad (right).