Why Most Employers Want Communication Skills in New Hires?

Effective communication is the key to success in our professional and personal lives.  A team or an individual’s success hinges on the strategy and respect accorded through communication.  It is what makes an effective team and an efficient individual.  Business communication is one of the most important aspects of how an organization or company thrives.

Employers want new hires who can speak well, write well, listen well, and present well.  Business communication is integral to any job. Working is all about teamwork and interpersonal skills because every day employees interact with people, may it be colleagues, bosses or clients.

Communication skills also give you an advantage over everyone else.  When recruiters see a job candidate with a technical or a specialized business degree, they are going to expect that you come equipped with knowledge, skills, and abilities.  A part of the skills package is how well you can send and receive messages.  Importantly, how well can you laymanize technical terms so that you can explain them to non-technical people?  If you can’t communicate your point clearly, then technical knowledge cannot really make an impact.  You want to be effective and sell your ideas.

Multinational companies are in the business of growing talent and developing leaders.  They need managers who possess not only the technical skills but also the communication and interpersonal skills.  According to the American Management Association’s 2010 Critical Skills Survey, communication skills are the top priority in professional development.  In today’s competitive economy, the ability to integrate ideas and effectively convey them is more important than other skills such as critical thinking.

During the hiring process, recruiters prioritize communication skills.  Also, business communication competency is the first thing to be looked at during the annual performance review.  Developing strong verbal and written skills is the best way to get and keep a job in today’s job market.

Finding ways to develop and improve your business communication skills is advantageous to your career.  American English Skills Development Center, Inc. offer English conversational and business writing courses to help you learn some techniques and apply the skills that you want to enhance.  How well you present yourself sets you apart from the crowd.  You would want to edge out the competition.

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