Vision and Mission

In today’s hyper-connected, globalized market, excellent communication skills have become increasingly critical. The power to communicate well with all stakeholders – from various fields and from different cultures– is what sets successful professionals, leaders, and businesses apart.

American English has made communication training its business for over a decade. We offer training courses to business professionals and organizations to help them enhance their communication skills – oral and written – for business and everyday life. We offer a wide array of courses, including business English, grammar and fluency, conversational English, business writing, presentation skills, public speaking, intercultural communication, ESL, TOEFL and IELTS, communication skills for leadership, and more.

Our success and longevity is largely due to an innovative, client-focused approach to our training. All our courses are customizable to suit individual clients’ needs, budgets, time and resources. We’ll work with you to develop training /coaching programs that are most appropriate and optimal to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

We also continuously examine and refine our training programs to suit individual client needs, and to keep in step with emerging technologies and theories in training and development, as well as the evolving demands of the global workplace.

While AESDCI uses a variety of approaches to deliver training (e.g. the lexical approach, task-based learning, content-based instruction, CLIL), but the primary method by which we educate is through the communicative approach. Combining our extensive experience with both classical and modern models of learning, we understand that language is, at its core, a tool which allows people to communicate ideas with one another in order to build stronger relationships, or to get optimal business results. Communication, of course, involves both verbal and non-verbal components, and with this in mind we always strive to improve the confidence and skills of our students which will help to develop their “soft skills” (e.g. assertiveness, empathy), in which we also specialize.

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