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Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well

Looking to brush up on your English without having to set foot in the classroom?  Regardless of whether you’re learning on your own or with the help of others, our “Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well! The ‘Nosebleed’ Edition” has all kinds of grammatical and Conversational English material that can help you sharpen your English language skills.

While English is widely spoken throughout the Philippines and other parts of Asia, “Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!” will help you understand and communicate with Westerns more effectively. Real-world examples are used along with clear explanations, avoiding the task of memorizing too many English grammar rules. And we know just how much everyone dreads traditional textbooks, which is why we’ve made it as simple, straightforward, and fun as possible.

Millions of people around the world have used “Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!” to improve their language skills, and we hope you’ll learn as much as they have:

“I’d encourage travelers, bloggers, and non-native speakers like me to check this witty, English speaking guide to improve spoken English command and fluency … I could easily finish reading this book because of its engaging style and useful content.”

– Erika MonzonThe Girl With The Muji Hat

“The book is purposely designed to be portable, comprehensible and effective. Its paragraphs are not wordy. In fact, its details are concise and easy to understand.”

– Khesa Maria CortezCebu Finest 

“‘Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!’ gives the basics of using the right English words, expressions, and conversation strategies for practice and learning. It provides easy-to-follow, practical information for improving your command of English grammar. Reading this book will remind you to brush up on your proofreading abilities. I like that it’s small and portable. You can take it as a good book to read during travels or carry it in the office for reference and professional needs.”

– Rochkirstin Santos, | Food and Lifestyle Blog

“Overall, ‘Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!’ is a good read. It is very informative. I have always thought that I knew a lot about the English language but this book gave me insight on topics which for the life of me I couldn’t seem to master. I learned about count nouns, abstract nouns, subject and object form of pronouns, verb tenses, order of adjectives, the Schwa sound, and also voice and unvoiced sounds.”

– Airina Desuyo, Read My Lips

“It is really a great help for those whose careers or endeavors make use of English as a primary language of conversation.”

– Maria Kristine