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Training Promos

Thinking of enrolling in any of our courses? We want to make sure that what you choose will suit your current English communication skills, hence we are conducting assessment sessions for this purpose. The least thing we want to happen is for our students to experience course mismatches resulting to waste of time, effort and money.

e-Learning English and Business Communication Skills

American English Skills Development Center conducts live speaking and writing classes to produce eloquent, confident and efficient non-native English speakers who are at par with their counterparts in English-speaking countries.

Celebrating 7 Years of Excellence

The art of appreciation for customers seemingly has become a forgotten art form. Business owners tend to take good customers for granted over time. Companies must think doing a good job is enough. We at American English completely disagree! Compliments are given so rarely, yet there clearly is so much to be thankful for. We are taking the lead to say “Thank you!” as we reach our 7 years doing what we do best.

Conversational English

Need the right amount of confidence when speaking English? The Conversational English (CE) is designed for individuals who have a moderate grasp of English grammar but have had minimal to average use of the English language.

International Students

Our International Communication (IC) course is designed for international students who are hoping to learn and master English as a second language. This program caters to students of any nationality and is conducted by a diverse staff of trainers, who are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of most languages and how to address them.

Business Correspondence

This course focuses heavily on two primary skills: the ability to fully develop an idea and the ability to express that idea clearly, logically and concisely. Participants are taught to use punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary as tools to achieve these goals.

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