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The Do’s and Don’ts of Evaluating Language Competency When Hiring

Language competency is especially important in business communication as the world you are living in is a globally competitive one; it is not uncommon to see big companies such as Google, GlaxoSmithKline and Apple branch out and have offices in different countries across the globe. It’s also why language is extremely important as you will […]

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Effective Business Writing: Techniques to Use Immediately

Business communication necessitates the power to persuade whether it be written or spoken. We need to achieve a desired result by helping the recipient of our message give us what we want. Business writing has to be well thought out and composed because we are not going to be looking over the shoulder of our […]

Business English: Connecting Professionals Worldwide

To be able to belong and excel in today’s global workforce, non-native English speakers study Business English. Being the world’s third largest mother tongue to date, English’s dominance over other known languages clearly defines what globalization is all about. Media uses English to broadcast world news, and English-speaking nations and corporations speak this shared language in order to reach a wider audience as they tell stories and do business.

Effective Communication to Effectively Persuade

via Huffington Post Many of us act as though we all see the same reality, yet the truth is we don’t. Human Beings have cognitive biases or blind spots. Blind spots are ways that our mind becomes blocked from seeing reality as it is – blinding us from seeing the real truth about ourselves in […]

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