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There are many important reasons for clients to communicate effectively in the workplace, whether it’s to request information, collaborate on projects, or resolve disputes and misunderstandings.

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My dearest tutors in American English Marie Geanelle Abad and Alison Heslop Perida. Thanks to you, I am now able to speak English. You led me to the wider world. You helped me make more friends irrespective of nationalities. You helped me enjoy my life in the Philippines. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again either online or in the Philippines. 

Ikuko Horiuchi  (Kate),

Japanese Student

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American English helped us out in a great way, they trained all of our high school teachers in English. Until today, we are using the book “Don’t speak good. Speak well!”

The teachers gave great feedback about the training, it was very practical, understandable and an eye-opener for both teachers and their students.

I wish more schools could receive the training by American English.

Gerald German,

Vice Mayor

Municipality of Pateros

We chose American English Skills Development Center, Inc. for our team’s Cross Cultural Workshop. The training is very informative and relevant to our work. I can see our team members gain confidence in communicating effectively in English. I would recommend American English to individuals who need to enhance their communication skills, gain a broader understanding of American/British culture and English language.

Monette B. De Guzman,

Language Production Supervisor

SDI Media PH

Don’t let your training become like this. Train at American English.

Language and communications training need not be boring and ineffective. Effective education is never a one-size-fits-all affair.  At American English, we make sure learning is engaging, fun, but most importantly, effective. We believe in a customized and personalized approach to teaching communication to ensure that human resources and the company, can get the most value for their employees.  We are committed to making sure you see results. 

American English offers wide range of training programs to address communication skills issues, culture,  body language and other challenges to enhance and understand dynamics of international collaboration and impact of globalization. We all have to adjust and adapt these changes by improving communication skills in English .

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