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Time and Stress Management

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Our course looks at the causes of time and stress management and what we can do to reduce it.  It focuses on methods to manage time more effectively and how this contributes to making a bigger contribution to the organization’s goals.  We support people to be more effective at work and keeping that sensible work/life balance.

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Become a more effective, efficient and productive individual at the personal and professional level by learning skills and strategies to take better control of your life.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of current sources and levels of stress at work and outside of work
  • Practice stress-relieving exercise to see how they work
  • Acquire and practice tools and strategies to reduce and manage stress
  • Develop personal plans routines for stress management


Module 1: Stress and I: Understanding personal sources of stress and assessing personal levels of stress

This module helps participants understand the role and impact of stress in their personal and work lives, by helping them identify their sources of stress, and also by gaining a deeper realization of how much stress they deal with.

Module 2: Learning and applying strategies, techniques and exercises to reduce and manage stress 

This  module offers practical exercises and higher-level strategies for reducing and managing stress, in the immediate, short-term and long-term. This include techniques in time management and workload organizing.

Module 3:  Critical and Creative Thinking: Using Technology and other Resources

This final session introduces ways to harness various opportunities and resources to achieve personal and professional goals – some simple and obvious, and others quite unexpected. It also helps participants learn ways to think out of the box, see things with fresh eyes, and find new and more effective solutions to problems.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Training will be conducted in batches. The minimum number of participants is stated on the purchased order.
  2. Training can be conducted, online, at American English Training rooms or at Client’s preferred training venue.
  3. Inclusions: Training Needs Analysis, Post-training Report, Materials and Certificate of Completion.
  4. Above quoted prices are subject to 12% VAT (if applicable). Total cost does not include incidental expenses; if applicable; incidental expenses include:
Transportation – PHP 1500 per teacher, per training day for trainings carried out within Metro Manila. This will be billed separately
Night Differential – if the training is between10pm and 6am an additional fee of 500php per student. This will be billed separately
  1. Other incidental expenses may include out of town services and materials (other than those provided by AE in the proposal) will be added on top of the cost.
  2. All online sales are book and buy.
  3. Full payment of training fees must be made prior to class commencement.
  4. Prices within the investment cost are charged per person unless agreed otherwise.
  5. Individual pre-and-post assessment is conducted only when specified in the contracted training package. Generally, individual pre-and post-assessments are not conducted for training courses of less than 16 hours, unless contracted for by the client.
  6. Training Needs Analysis is a must.
  7. Final topics will be decided based on length of training and objectives of the client.
  8. One appointment will be made to conduct all student pre/post assessments per bath, if such is included in the contracted training package (as itemized in the Learning Investment). If any students are unable to attend the scheduled pre/post assessment, another day can be arranged for an additional charge of P300 per student. Post assessment may be scheduled pup to one month after the last day of training.
  9. Training schedules are pre-determined and participants are requested to be available at least 15 minutes before the start time. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling, prior notice of at least 24 hours before the schedule is required. Otherwise, the schedule and hours are considered forfeit, and additional fees will apply upon rescheduling.
  10. Photo/Video documentation of trainings may be shared on the AE website, unless client specifies otherwise.


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