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Online Conversational English

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If you are looking to speak better your speaking skills for work or pleasure then this is the course for you. Our expert teachers will help you practice the skills for making small talk and teach you everything you need to know to help you feel and be better when using English.

Online  |  30 hours 



A practical experiential course to help you use English with greater ease and confidence, whether for business, travel, or daily social interactions. Using communicative methods, students undergo real-life and simulated exercises to build vocabulary of useful lexis, improve grammar, and apply quick strategies to overcome difficulties.

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  1. Gain greater confidence and ease in using English in Social and business interactions
  2. Learn a wider active vocabulary of English words, phrases, expressions, and sentences
  3. Gain range of conversation strategies to overcome challenges
Starting DateMay 27, 2020
End DateJuly 10, 2020
Schedule1:00pm – 2:00pm | Mon – Wed – Fri
Duration per session1.0 hour
Number of Sessions20 sessions


ModuleLanguage Focus
Introduction: Active Listening and Authentic Speaking as Core Communication Skills
Practice: Meeting New People, Introducing Yourself
Simple Tenses (Present)
Producing vowel sounds: schwa
Small Talk Strategies
Talking About Likes and DislikesUsing gerunds
Using adverbs
“I” statements for preferences
Producing vowel sounds: I
Strategies for Agreeing and Disagreeing
Talking about CultureUsing perfect tenses
Stressing and Intonation
Describing People, Places and ThingsUsing adjectives
Using prepositions and adverbials of place and movement
Producing voices and unvoiced consonants: th, f/p, v/b
Talking About FoodUsing Adverbials of degree and certainty
Ordering, Requesting, Offering
Talking about WorkVerb Tenses (past simple, past perfect
Talking about the futureFuture tenses


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