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Online Conversational English

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Professionals and adults with different lifestyles can always make learning English fun. In this course, you will develop your confidence and ability to understand real-life English. In this course, you will improve your grammar, vocabulary, conversation strategies and pronunciation.

Online  | Per month  |  Monday – Friday  |  Group: 7-10 students



30mins / 1 hours per lesson

A practical experiential course to help you use English with greater ease and confidence, whether for business, travel, or daily social interactions. Using communicative methods, students undergo real-life and simulated exercises to build vocabulary of useful lexis, improve grammar, and apply quick strategies to overcome difficulties.

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  1. Gain greater confidence and ease in using English in Social and business interactions
  2. Learn a wider active vocabulary of English words, phrases, expressions, and sentences
  3. Gain range of conversation strategies to overcome challenges


Module Module
Module 1

  • Say hello and good-bye
  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask for, give, and spell names
  • Use the verb be with I, we, and you
  • Exchange email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Complete an application form
  • Ask How about you?
  • Use expressions like Thanks or Thank you

Module 6

  • Say what’s in a neighborhood with There’s / There are
  • Describe places
  • Tell the time and ask questions with What time . . . ?
  • Make suggestions with Let’s
  • Say Me too or Me neither to show things in common
  • Say Right or I know to agree
  • Read a guide to New York City
  • Write a city guide using prepositions
Module 2

  • Ask and say where people are
  • Use be with he, she, and they
  • Talk about things you take to class using a / an
  • Ask about things using this and these
  • Ask where things are in a classroom
  • Say who owns things using possessive ’s and s’
  • Ask for help in class
  • Respond to I’m sorry and Thanks
Module 7

  • Describe the weather
  • Talk about ongoing activities with the present continuous
  • Talk about sports and exercise
  • Ask about current activities using the present continuous
  • Ask follow-up questions to keep a conversation going
  • React to news with That’s great, That’s too bad, etc.
  • Read an article about exergaming
  • Write an article about exercise using imperatives
Module 3

  • Talk about celebrities using my, your, his, her, our, and their
  • Describe people’s personalities
  • Ask and answer yes-no questions
  • Say the ages of your family members
  • Ask information questions about family members
  • Show interest in a conversation
  • Say Really? to show interest or surprise
Module 8

  • Talk about clothes
  • Say what you like to, want to, need to, and have to do
  • Talk about accessories
  • Ask about prices using How much . . . ?, this, that, these, and those
  • Take time to think using Uh, Let’s see, etc.
  • Use Uh-huh and Oh in responses
  • Read a review of a shopping mall
  • Write a review of a store using because
Module 4

  • Describe a typical morning using the simple present
  • Describe weekly routines
  • Ask and answer yes-no questions about your week
  • Say more than yes or no to be friendly
  • Say Well to get more time to think
  • Read an article about American habits
  • Write about a classmate for a class website
Module 9

  • Give sightseeing information with can and can’t
  • Talk about international foods, places, and people
  • Say what languages you can speak
  • Explain words using kind of and kind of like
  • Use like to give examples • Read a travel website
  • Write a paragraph for a travel website
Module 5

  • Talk about your free time
  • Ask simple present information questions
  • Say how often you do things
  • Talk about TV shows you like
  • Ask questions in two ways to be clear or not too direct
  • Say I mean to say more or repeat ideas
  • Read an article on technology addicts
  • Email a friend for advice
Module 10

  • Talk about eating habits using countable and uncountable nouns, How much, and How many
  • Talk about food
  • Make offers using Would you like . . . and some or any
  • Use or something and or anything in lists
  • End yes-no questions with or . . . ? to be less direct
  • Read a restaurant guide
  • Write a restaurant review


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