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Online IELTS Review: Reading and Writing

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The IELTS Reading Module of American English will help prepare the students whether they are taking the test for the first time, re-sitting the test. The combination of a structured and conversational approach has been designed so that students can study the materials independently. This module also provides examination skills telling the students what to expect and to best succeed in the test.

The IELTS Writing Module of American English focuses on many topic areas that students are likely to meet in the exam. Every exercise is relevant to the test. Exam information shared in class is clear and easy to read and can be quickly reviewed outside the class.

Online | Monday – Friday | Group: 7-10 students



30mins / 1 hours per lesson

In this Module, the students will learn how to:

  1. skim a text quickly to understand the general idea
  2. scan a text for specific information to answer short-answer questions
  3. understand and produce paraphrasing
  4. use the present continuous and present simple correctly
  5. deal with matching headings tasks
  6. identify the main idea of a paragraph
  7. understand the meaning of prefixes
  8. understand and correctly use quantifiers
  9. use paraphrase to help answer sentence completion questions
  10. answer True/ False/ Not Given and multiple-choice questions
In this Module, the students will learn how to:

  1. achieve a high score for Task Achievement
  2. describe and compare using adjectives and adverbs.
  3. effectively answer ‘advantages and disadvantages’ quesô€€œions
  4. write topic and supporting sentences, developing ideas in each paragraph
  5. achieve a high score in Coherence and Cohesion produce a balanced ‘agree/disagree’ essay

IELTS Writing Outline

Module Module
Module 1
Understanding visual prompts
Analysing the question
Module 6
Making correlations
Developing supporting examples
Module 2
Generating ideas for an essay
Presenting arguments
Module 7
Signposting main points
Modifying statements
Module 3
Selecting and organising ideas
Module 8
Developing and linking supporting examples
Writing the conclusion
Module 4
Describing a process
Signposting a sequence of events
Module 9
Using cohesive devices
Using punctuation effectively
Writing topic sentences
Module 5
Writing an introduction and conclusion
Module 10
Using appropriate vocabulary
Avoiding repetition by use of synonyms

IELTS Reading Outline

Module Module
Module 1
Matching headings
Module 6
Completing sentences and diagram labels
Module 2
Completing tables and diagrams
Module 7
Completing notes, summaries and flow charts
Module 3
Answering short-answer questions
Module 8
Identifying information
Answering true/false/not given questions
Module 4
Matching sentence endings
Module 9
Matching information Identifying writers’ views or claims
Module 5
Answering multiple-choice questions
Module 10
Answering yes/no/not given questions


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