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Online Conversational English: Kids Age 8-11

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Let us encourage the younger generation to improve their English and communication skills. As the world advances, our children should have the edge against their competitors, and English and communication skills will give them that advantage. This is not just your typical English class for kids as our modules ensure creative and unique ways of learning.

Online  | 10 sessions | 1 hour per session
Training Schedule: January 18, Monday – Wednesday – Friday
Time: 11am – 12pm


10 sessions | 1 hour per session

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  1. Help children/teens handle peer pressure, frustrations and challenges.
  2. Help them to feel confident and capable through their words and actions.
  3. Resist comparing themselves to others.
  4. Help them discover their interests and passion.
  5. Encourage them to try new things and develop new skills starting with language learning.
  6. Produce young decision-makers.

Starting Date November 25, 2020
Schedule 11:00 AM – 12:00 NN
Monday -Wednesday – Friday
Duration per session 1 hour
Number of Sessions 12 sessions


Module Title Objectives
1 Make Your Mama Proud Encourage them to say, “I’m proud that I”
2 Me and the Bigger Me Use a Variety of Media to Express Creativity
3 I am Special Discuss each one’s uniqueness and encourage questions
4 Who Am I? Encourage self-reflection
5 Who Decides? Help them decide for themselves, too, and take necessary actions
6 Sure, It’s Me To help them figure out if they are a doer, helper, investigator, influencer, or an organizer
7 I Wish I Wish Introduce goal-setting
8 I Can’t Wait! Help them make an action plan after setting their goals
9 Getting Organized Help visualize their plans and find accountability partners
10 Culminating Activity To showcase what they have learned and realized in public


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