Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training packages focus on your business needs and turn your training gaps and challenges into training solutions.

Our excellent trainers customize the training to meet your business objectives, and our personal Training Needs Analysis that we carry out with every client means that the students in the training room develop their working methods, gain new knowledge to implement in at work, and boost productivity.



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  • Team and Culture Building Workshop

    Communication is the key to an effective team.  Strong team culture builds commitment and a harmonious relationship.  We will customize your team building to have the perfect balance of learning, interaction and fun. Help your team to be the best they can be and promote the benefits of working together as one.

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  • Customer Support Enhancement Training

    Customized training program designed to enhance customer service skills, increase customer satisfaction across all communication channels, including telephone, face to face and chat.

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  • Train the Trainers

    Train your staff to train others the right way.  This course blends the practical aspect of teaching and training with the knowledge, methods and theories, resulting in the skills required to be able to teach different people, with different experiences, different learning styles and different levels.  The course is customized and facilitated by our experts.

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  • Leadership and Management Training

    Achieve and be the leader you want to be.  Effective leadership and management relies on concrete goals, excellent communication, team-work, respect and collaboration.  Our course enhances and develops your skills to make you the inspiring leader and mentor to support your team well.

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  • Effective Upselling Skills

    Upselling can have a huge impact on your business, but it needs to be done right.  The key to upselling is to make your customers feel like they are getting more value from what they are buying.  Our training will help your team to analyze the customer, build confidence to upsell, look at the do’s and don’ts of effective upselling and develop communication skills to create great interactions with customers.

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  • Time and Stress Management

    Our course looks at the causes of time and stress management and what we can do to reduce it.  It focuses on methods to manage time more effectively and how this contributes to making a bigger contribution to the organization’s goals.  We support people to be more effective at work and keeping that sensible work/life balance.

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  • High Impact Presentation Skills

    Delivering a presentation can make or break a deal or a sale.  Effective presentations create an impression and in business that impression must be excellent.  Our course teaches the strategies and skills needed to ace a presentation, regardless of the audience. We work on planning and presenting, and as well as confidence communicating; all essentials needed to become the master you wish to be.

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  • Intercultural and Collaborative Communication

    Learn how to communicate successfully with colleagues and clients from different cultures, fields and backgrounds. Transform your multicultural teams into dynamic hubs of synergy and collaboration. Through the course, professionals develop awareness of how culture impacts everything we do, learn manners and ways of different cultures, and use essential intercultural communication skills to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.

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  • Leadership Communication

    Excellent communication makes excellent leaders and mentors.  Our course provides the essential skills on how to process, prepare, analyze and organize your thoughts and balancing these on what you need to achieve.  We empower you with the ability to influence, motivate, inspire and build consensus, while facing challenges and resistance that may arise.

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  • Collaborative Communication

    Building teams, creating open communication and working together will provide better results every time!  Make your teams stronger and heighten their communication skills with our Collaborative Communication training. This course specializes in building on the communication skills, as well as the styles of communication and language to give effective feedback and criticism and deal with conflicts without escalation.

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  • Assertive Communication

    People who communicate with assertiveness rather than passiveness or aggression are more likely to achieve success and meet their personal and business goals. Our course is aimed at giving the students the skills and confidence to act in an assertive way. Our practical approach will promote you to take the lead, maintain positive relationships and be able to communicate your message with impact.

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  • Technical Writing

    Our Technical Writing process covers all the requirements from the assessing the audience, planning, writing and editing technical or multi-paged documents. We enable you to decide the best format and layout, what and where graphics and tables should be incorporated so it meets the needs of the internal or external end user.

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