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Our private classes feature you as the star of your learning, with the support of our experienced teachers, proven assessment and customized learning plan, you will be able to develop your ability and surpass your objectives and goals.


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  • Conversational English

    A practical experiential course to help you use English with greater ease and confidence, whether for business, travel, or daily social interactions. Using communicative methods, students undergo real-life and simulated exercises to build vocabulary of useful lexis, improve grammar, and apply quick strategies to overcome difficulties.

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  • Customized Private Class

    Our private classes are customized for you, your objectives, the results of your assessment, and your learning goals.  Our expert teachers will build a plan just for you, and will teach you at your pace and learning style, enabling you to learn and develop your knowledge and skills and increase your abilities in communication.

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  • English Proficiency

    Being able to read and write in English and learning its vocabulary and grammatical structure is important as English is the language used in international business and communication. However, in order to use English to its full potential, we need to be able to converse. The essence of language is to transfer an idea from one person’s mind to another, and in order to do this, we need to be able to have a conversation.

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  • English for Beginners

    This course is ideal for students to help them to understand the basics of using English, it includes survival phrases and expressions, easy and practical dialogue, foundation grammar and pronunciation help. Get your English off to a kick start with this essential and interactive class.

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