Our workshops are interactive, fun and provide skills and knowledge that will enhance your abilities and develop your confidence.  All our workshops are facilitated by our experienced teachers, are created with the student in mind, and provide excellent learning information and materials to help you outside of the classroom.


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  • Teach with Confidence

    No Fear:  It is all about taking risks and believing more to see more. Knowledge and application of the skills and strategies that are required to become a confident online teacher.

    Online | 4 hours

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    Intro: Copywriting and Editing

    Learn how to turn the text you write into sales for your company with this crash course in copywriting and editing. Whether you’re writing to grow your brand’s image, jump-start a marketing campaign, or simply touch base with your clients and customers on social media, this course will provide you with all the tools you need to take your copy to the next level.

    Online | 15 hours | Php300 per hour

  • IELTS from A-Z

    Give yourself that extra edge and boost your chances of hitting your target score with this intensive IELTS prep course. Get walked through the entire test, from start to finish, and learn all the essential strategies for answering each type of task. You’ll also receive thorough and specific feedback that will help you ace the speaking and writing sections of the test.

    Online | 120 hours | Php200 per hour

  • IELTS – Purposeful and Meaningful Writing

    Put pen to paper with confidence the next time you take the IELTS General Training Writing test with this 24-hour course designed to hone your ability to express yourself in writing. Whether you’re taking the Academic or the General Training Writing section, you’ll learn how to make the most out of each sentence and paragraph you write in way that perfectly suits your intended audience.

    Online | 24 hours | Php250 per hour

  • IELTS – Speaking with Motivation and Conviction

    Get all the practice you need to ace the IELTS Speaking section with this 15-hour course that focuses on its three tasks. Learn the key answering strategies and get drilled on how to put them to use for the best results.

    Online | 24 hours | Php250 per hour

  • Online Conversational English: Teens Age 10-16

    Join a program done using 100% English with a combination of engaging topics from a variety of subjects, including grammar, history, technology, sport, art, science and music. It’s perfect to get your teens take part in hands on , task-based activities with the best trainers.

    Online  |  15 hours  |  Php 200 per hour

  • Online Conversational English: Kids Age 6-9

    Let us encourage the younger generation to improve their English and communication skills. As the world advances, our children should have the edge against their competitors, and English and communication skills will give them that advantage. This is not just your typical English class for kids as our modules ensure creative and unique ways of learning.

    Online  |  15 hours  |  Php 200 per hour

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    Online Conversational English: Adult

    If you are looking to develop your conversational skills for work or pleasure, then this is the course for you.  Our expert teachers will help you to practice the skills for making small talk, teach you tips and strategies you can learn to make you confident when communicating in English.

    Online  |  10 hours  |  Php 300 per hour

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    Presenting with Confidence

    Conquer your fear of speaking in public through real-life practice in developing and delivering presentations and speeches. Learn effective ways to deliver information, interact with audiences, and successfully get your message across with confidence.

    Online  |  10 hours  |  Php 300 per hour

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    Assertive Communication

    Learn how to express yourself, share your opinions, stand up for yourself and be a strong and confident communicator in this course.  We will show you the skills and strategies you need to create win-win situations.

    Online  |  10 hours  |  Php 300 per hour

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    Business Writing

    Understand the key elements of business writing and use them to your advantage through a hands-on writing workshop. The course focuses on addressing common errors and shortcomings, writing good sentences, following a systematic writing process, and developing the ability to write clearly, confidently and professionally.

    Online  |  10 hours  |  Php 300 per hour

  • Summer Class: English Writing

    Our Business Writing program teaches direct, effective writing techniques that will help students communicate more effectively with coworkers and Western clients. The course revolves around a practical curriculum through which students will learn how to compose business letters, reports, and e-mail messages that are clear, concise, and accurate. In addition, students will learn how to create effective business presentations. Rate: Per person  |  Age: 10 to 15 years old  |  16 Hours
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