Employee Assessments

Develop your talent and drive your company to greater success with comprehensive, customizable Employee Assessments.

Our Employee Assessments helps you

  • Identify the key skills and competencies your company and employees should focus on
  • Identify key areas for improvement and choose matching training courses and programs
  • Develop baselines, benchmarks and key indicators for employee performance
  • Keep track of your employees’ professional learning and development
  • Conduct more accurate and reliable screening and recruitment of new talent
  • Develop more accurate, comprehensive frameworks for in-service training and promotion
Employee Assessment - American English

Available Assessments

English Proficiency Assessment

  • Assesses 4 language skills – speaking, listening, reading, writing
  • Tests can be taken separately

Grammar Assessment

  • Comprehensive test on English grammar knowledge which matches your level with our 5-level Grammar Program

Accent Assessment

  • Intensive Assessment of Accent – pronunciation, intonation, stress, liaisons, and overall comprehensibility and

Business Communication Skills Assessment

  • Comprehensive test of Business English and communication skills for various business situations, which matches your level with our 5-level Business Communication program

Assertive Communication Assessment

  • Test of assertiveness and emotional intelligence in various communication situations

Leadership Communication Assessment

  • Test of emotional intelligence, leadership qualities and communication skills in various leadership situations

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Assessment

  • Assessment of skills in developing and delivering presentations, speeches, and oral reports

Intercultural Communication Assessment

  • Assessment of attitudes and skills in communicating and working within multicultural work environments and situations

Collaborative Communication Assessment

  • Assessment of attitudes, knowledge and skills in working collaboratively in person or online

Teaching Skills Assessment

  • Assessment of attitudes, knowledge and skills in formal, informal and online teaching