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Customer Support Enhancement Training



Customized training program designed to enhance customer service skills, increase customer satisfaction across all communication channels, including telephone, face to face and chat.

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A practical experiential course to help individuals use English with greater ease and confidence, whether for business, travel, or daily social interactions.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Gain high awareness and confidence in communicating in Business Conversational English ( active listening, authentic skills) with various audiences through different media ( telephone, email, face to face, etc)
  • Improve interpersonal and presentational communication skills for various business settings
  • Improve socio-linguistic competence in English for various business and cultural settings, including small talk for rapport/ relationship-building, small group communication, negotiating, etc.
  • Enhance strategic competence by gaining new strategies for overcoming difficulties and challenges in communication
  • Install processes for continuous learning and peer coaching


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