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Leadership and Management Training



Achieve and be the leader you want to be.  Effective leadership and management relies on concrete goals, excellent communication, team-work, respect and collaboration.  Our course enhances and develops your skills to make you the inspiring leader and mentor to support your team well.

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The course helps to develop leadership communication skills by instructing on various communication models, practicing persuasion, assessing needs and personality traits and adjusting by listening carefully.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Improve interpersonal and presentational communication skills for various business setting (meetings, telephone and face-to-face conversation)
  • Improve socio-linguistic competence in English for various business and cultural settings (small talk for rapport/ relationship-building, small group communication, negotiating, etc.
  • Enhance strategic competence by gaining new strategies for overcoming difficulties and challenges in communication.
  • Install processes for continuous learning and peer coaching.


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