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Online Conversational English: Teens Age 10-16


Join a program done using 100% English with a combination of engaging topics from a variety of subjects, including grammar, history, technology, sport, art, science and music. It’s perfect to get your teens take part in hands on , task-based activities with the best trainers.

Online  |  15 hours  |  Php 200 per hour


1.5 hours per session


  1. Orally communicate information, opinions, and ideas effectively to different audiences/culture
  2. Encourage students to become readers showing appreciation for the literature of the past
  3. Read aloud grade/age level texts effortlessly and accurately, without hesitation and with proper expression
  4. Correct names people, objects, places and things through theme-based activities
  5. Build vocabulary and strong content knowledge through multimedia
  6. Express their ideas effectively in compositions
  7. Prepare students to participate in school and civic life
  8. Create a fun and memorable learning experience
  9. Evaluate effectively the message conveyed in texts and in multimedia
  10. Create and recreate meaning/ messages learned


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