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IELTS – Speaking with Motivation and Conviction


Get all the practice you need to ace the IELTS Speaking section with this 15-hour course that focuses on its three tasks. Learn the key answering strategies and get drilled on how to put them to use for the best results.

Online | 24 hours | Php250 per hour


16 sessions | 1.5 hours per session

By the end of the course, students will have:

  • Become thoroughly familiar with the particulars of the three IELTS Speaking tasks
  • Gained an understanding of how to prepare for and approach each of task
  • Learned key answering strategies and practiced applying them when answering
  • Become more confident in their ability to communicate using spoken English
  • Received detailed feedback on areas for improvement
Students must:

  • Be able to speak and understand intermediate-level English
  • Have basic familiarity with the general format of the IELTS test
  • Be receptive to feedback from their instructors
Students will:

  • Be provided with handouts, worksheets, and other materials in line with the learning objectives of each module
  • Assigned coursework that can be completed either on their own or during class with guidance from their instructor
  • Have regular, scheduled classes with their instructors for lectures, discussions, and feedback on their work


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